Clouds in brown toning's 120-21408

Clouds - Barnyard Blenders - Paintbrush Fabrics

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Clouds - Barnyard Blenders - Paintbrush Fabrics

Weather or not your looking to use a blender, sky, clouds, this one will work a treat, depending on your glass half full, of afternoon sunset with loads of clouds filtering the sun or dark and stormy waiting to rain...

All fabric ordered more than 1 will be cut as a continuous piece (2 x FQ = ½ mtr)

100% Cotton used for Hand Crafts, Patchwork, Quilting, Sewing, Handmade Items, Toys, Stuffed Animals, Souvenirs, Handbag, Purse, Kits, Patterns, Children, Adults, Teenagers, Tourists, Indigenous, Native, Wildlife, Flora, Flowers, Fauna


Whispers of the Valley Fabrics - situated in the Lockyer Valley of Queensland Australia. Fabric ranges include Australiana Themed, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Dreamtime, Feature fabrics