Summer Florals

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Summer Florals - DV3242 DV3239 DV3232 DV3238 DV3230 DV3241

All fabric ordered more than 1 will be cut as a continuous piece (2 x FQ = ½ mtr)

Devonstone - 2 Green Zebras

Most species of Eucalyptus are native to Australia, and every state and territory has representative species. About three-quarters of Australian forests are eucalypt forests. Wildfire is a feature of the Australian landscape and many eucalypt species are adapted to fire, and resprout after fire or have seeds which survive fire.

A few species are native to islands north of Australia and a smaller number are only found outside the continent. Eucalypts have been grown in plantations in many other countries because they are fast growing and have valuable timber, or can be used for pulpwood, for honey production or essential oils. In some countries, however, they have been removed because they are highly flammable.

Fabric by the metre. Colours include Pink, Red, Green, Black, White


Sewing, Quilting, Patchwork, Handmade Items, Toys, Stuffed Animals, Souvenirs, Children, Adults, Teenagers, Tourists, Indigenous, Native, Flora, Fauna, Clothes


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