Welcome to Whispers of the Valley Fabric

We look forward to sharing our passion of all things craft with you

Our boutique, Fabric Shop, specializes in Australian themed Fabrics, with a smattering of eclectic statement pieces throughout the "cottage" looking "Aladdin's" cave store.

Whilst online enjoy all things Australian, mixed with our pick of goodies, it couldn't be easier.... but if you find any of the process way too hard, or just cannot get the hang of it, don't despair, we are here to help, give us a call +61 410 66 99 76, more than happy to help.

Choosing to take a wander through our "Bricks & Mortar" store, via a virtual tour, is as easy as picking up the phone, to Facetime or Messenger.

We are a mere 1 hour drive West of Brisbane and 30mins East of Toowoomba, an easy drive through some lovely country scenery or choose to do a 'shop hop' with your people and make a day of it. Why not bring a bus load out, you get to choose the day, we will supply the venue.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles

Trucks, Diggers, Machinery, V8, Muscle, Vintage, Exotic, Cars, Motorbikes, Caravans

Masculinity, take a tour if you dare, we love our different styles, themes, colours, be sure to look carefully as some of these lovelies have silhouetted images.....

Dreamtime Story Telling

Our Australian themed fabrics are happy and bright and cheerful, telling stories from our yester years and into everyday living, using traditional Aboriginal "dreamtime" story telling, our Indigenous Artists, some of whom are, the Doolan Sisters, June Smith, Murray May, and Colleen Wallace show how beautifully these fabrics come to life through use of vibrant colours, shapes and meanderings

Workshops to Learn, Discover, Enlighten

Our Workshops are run on premises with a backdrop from the Lockyer Valley Region in Southern Queensland Country. Look out for the family of Wallabies, Kingfishers, and Frilly Neck Lizards on your way into class.

We too love learning, so in turn passing knowledge onto you is easy, we learn by doing so most of our workshop's are hands on by you... Workshop numbers are kept small so you can get the most from your experience. Enjoyment is the most important part of our workshop, come along, have a go, enjoy.

Google that

Loving the technology, plug it in, something else tells you where to go....

If you need to use Maps to get to our shop, Please check out our "Contact Us" page before, we all love short-cuts..... Don't be fooled, you will end up frustrated by a not sooo nice garden path.