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six framed panel depicting Motor cross Bikes on background of dirt rocks mountains against blue red black skies KK Fabric 1137C
Motocross Maniacs Dirt Bike Panel
  • $19.95
bottles glasses mixers of alcohol in rows on a wooden shelf in colours of brown blue red gold black red white black lemons limes olives swizzle sticks on a black background
Top Shelf Stripe
  • $29.95 per metre
Camaro Muscle Car in reds silver background of orange hue sky on black grey floor
Muscle Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern
  • $141.00
Te Koripi Wai O Maui Traditional Maori Indigenous design on a white background coloured in brigth rainbow colour green pink yellow orange teal blue 85490.104
Te Koripi Wae O Maui Kiwiana New Zealand
  • $24.95 per metre
Australian Native Indigenous flowers Wax Flowers Protea Callistemon Bluebell Wattle Flannel Flower Orchid on a blue teal background 11830.103
Australian Native Flowers on a Blue Teal Background
  • $24.95 per metre
Native Indigenous Australian Animals including Koala Platypus Lorikeet Kookaburra Flying Fox Cockatoo Echidna Galah Emu Frilly Neck Lizard Tasmanian Devil Kangaroo 11830.101
Australian Native Animals - Panel
  • $24.95
 Ancient Egyptian patterns triangles green yellow purple blue gold Robert Kaufman RK2211778
Ancient beauty – Peacock
  • $29.95 per metre
 Ancient Egyptian patterns decorations flowers tapestry gold green blue background royal purple Robert Kaufman RK2211520
Ancient beauty – Amethyst
  • $29.95 per metre
 Ancient Egyptian patterns triangles green orange purple red gold Robert Kaufman RK22117201
Ancient beauty – Jewel
  • $29.95 per metre
Rainbow fairy dust swallows flying purple blue green orange yellow on lavender background Tula Pink XLN PWTP133-Lavender
True Colours by Tula Pink
  • $34.95 per metre
flowers toning of grey purple pink yellow pink green on white cotton fabric background Bold Blooms 29904Z
  • $26.95 per metre
Retro roller skates vibrant red yellow green blue black white pink with patterns of flames rainbows tribal stars on black background – ES667
In Motion – Roller Skates on black
  • $29.95 per metre
silhouette of sailing yacht on sea in sunset colour in blues mauves oranges yellows  greens
Sail Away Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern
  • $141.00
Skull design named skulliver mini in shades of blue green yellow orange pink purple white background black quilt top foundation paper pieced legit kits
Skulliver Mini Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern
  • $109.00
Hummingbird flying design called big hummer shades of green blue purple flowers in pink purple background shades of green yellow quilt top foundation paper pieced legit kits
Legit Kits - Big Hummer Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern
  • $141.00
Dog design named Everest the golden retriever in shades of gold brown cream background shades of blue quilt top foundation paper pieced legit kits
Everest the Golden Retriever Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern
  • $141.00
Frog design named legit tree frog in shades of green yellow orange on brown branch background shades of dark blue green quilt top foundation paper pieced legit kits
Legit Tree Frog Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern
  • $109.00
Monarch Butterfly on Coneflower in colour oranges pinks greens yellow cream Legit Morarch
Legit Monarch Foundation Paper Pieced Pattern
  • $141.00