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Barbed Wire - Merino Muster - Kennards
  • $29.95 per metre
Cockatoos - Green - Gumtree Friends - Kennards
  • $24.95 per metre
Spiders, Snakes, Sharks, Jellyfish, Octopus, Stonefish, Stingray, Crocodile, Dingo, Ant Dangerous Australian Wildlife color yellow, green, red, grey orange
Dangerous Australian Stripe - Snakes, Spiders, Sea Creatures - Kennards
  • From $7.95
Aussie Sports symbols beer, thongs, sand, hats, cricket bats and balls, surfboards on a background stripe of beaches, grass and blue sky's
Outdoor Aussie - Kennards
  • $19.95 per metre
Gold, Brown, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue old vehicles randomly placed in long grass depicting paddock
Rustic Relics - Classic Cars - Kennards
  • $29.95 per metre