K & K Fabrics

Kennard & Kennard is a family owned and run company who has been involved in the fabric trade for over 70 years, commencing business in 1949 as clothing wholesalers. The business has evolved to our current position as a leading wholesaler of quilting, patchwork and furnishing fabrics.

Kennard & Kennard is based in Young NSW on the banks of Burrangong Creek, hence the name of our superb and exclusive collection of Australiana designs, designed for us by our Australian artists.

We have now introduced our NEW Wide Quilt Backing brand Burrangong Backings Australia, the name which includes our entire range of Wide Quilt Backings.

We have been specialising in patchwork fabrics for over 20 years and we have a proven record for friendly service, experience and excellent quality. Our wide range of quality affordable fabrics is perfect for patchwork embroidery dress making furnishings just about any project

K & K Fabrics - Australian Quilting Fabric - Australiana themed, Australian Animals, Australian Flora & Fauna

Quality Fabrics used in Quilting, Sewing & Crafts, used for Hand-sewing, Quilting, Craft Toys, Souvenirs, Men's, Ladies, Children, Tween's, Toddlers, Baby's Clothing