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Aboriginal Art is one of the more ancient traditional arts in the world, going back approximately 50,000 years. In early days, Aboriginals did cave painting, rock painting, and sand or ground painting. The newer generations use acrylic paints on canvas to portray their Dreamtime. These Aboriginal artworks are sought after not only in Australia but worldwide. According to Aboriginal mythology, Dreamtime is the era when the world was dark. There was nothing on earth; the soil was soft. This was when the forefathers sprang up from underneath the soil and started building most of the requirements for their needs and that of future generations. They built mountains, rivers, waterholes, trees, and light gardens.

Dreamtime is not a religion or a culture – it is a way or philosophy of living. Body painting, corroboree, men’s business, women’s business, and other cultural practices are strictly obeyed by the Aboriginal people. Initially a nomadic people, Aboriginals collected their food from nature, by hunting and gathering. However, they never do anything to hoard or spoil the nature of them environment. They honour their ancestral lands and the teachings from those ancestors.

Art has always been a medium to express, communicate, empathize and reciprocate. That is why art is often has the power to move you, resonate and can even be cathartic. What we now perceive as art stems from our own primitive communication formats, especially the native Australian Aboriginals. Their primitive lifestyles have allowed them to successfully hand down this archaic language even to this generation. And this unaltered art, still captures and sparks curiosity in any audience. With every painting comes a new story, a story about the artist, an insight in the simple life, an effortless manifestation of their fears, frustrations and desires.

M&S Textiles have had the privilege to work with these creative artists in making their stories heard. Selecting designs yearly from our artist, is always challenging, with versatility in their art, the colours and more importantly their stories. We, at M&S Textiles, value the artists need and how they want to be perceived. In combining their memorizing with art along with quality fabrics, we are able to immortalize their stories and allow our customers to be voices of the stories that comes from the land under.

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Picture depicts Seeds fallen on the ground with a black background, seeds represented by yellow, brown, white Grey colouring,  Aboriginal Dot Painting and Dreamtime Storytelling - Whispers of the Valley Fabrics
Fallen Seeds - Gracie Morton
  • $19.95 per metre
depicting bush tucker from indigenous Aboriginal artist June Smith red background with yellow sun black food drawings
Bush Tucker
  • $19.95 per metre
Indigenous dot painting from the Aboriginal dream time featuring winter spirits in colours of blue red white brown green circling  WSRE
Winter Spirits
  • $19.95 per metre
Gathering Bush Tucker Black
  • $19.95 per metre