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Nutex Wholesalers Ltd, New Zealand's largest supplier of Patchwork and Quilting fabric, is constantly updating and adding to the range.

Nutex is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated family business that started in 1982. The goal was to supply the New Zealand market with well priced fashionable fabrics and nothing much has changed today

In 2005 we were approached by an Australian craft retailer who pointed out the gap in their market for something similar and consequently our Australiana fabric range was born. We have a enormous variety of designs and it has been received with great success.

We have developed, with the help of our team of talented local artists, our well-regarded Kiwiana fabric range of 100% cotton fabrics. We have a vast selection of New Zealand themed designs and are always working on new ideas to ensure there is always something fresh on offer.

In addition to these regional themes we have also created an assortment of original novelty fabrics which offer a fun way to brighten up you and your customers next craft project.

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Dilkara - Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Retro style caravans coloured in red green aqua white polka dots  orange black stripe beach umbrellas red bikes striped blue red and white beach chairs on a base white background in camping scenery 89510-101
Getaway - Retro Caravans - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Various New Zealand Flora and Fauna
New Zealand Traditional Designs
  • $24.95 per metre
Rainbow coloured Kiwi Animated
New Zealand Animals
  • $21.95 per metre
Australian Native Birds in flowering gum tree with cream background Lorikeet, Kingfisher, Galah, Parrot, Kookaburra, Budgie, Cockatoo
Birds - Paradise - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Book Panel for counting to 1 - 10 featuring Australian Native indigenous  animals, kangaroo, Tasmanian Devil, Dolphins, Cockatoo, Wombat, Kookaburra, Koala, Platypus, Echidna in bright colours of orange, brown, pink, white, yellow, green, blue, grey, black and red
123 Aussie Quiet Book - Panel - by Nutex
  • $24.95
Sunset depicted on an Orange Red background with an Orange Sun silhouetted with  Boab Trees, Kanagroo's and Windmill's - Whispers of the Valley Fabric
OZ Sunset - Outback Desert - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Gooloo - Dream Time Desert - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Mallawa Stripe River - by Nutex
  • From $5.95
Waratah - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Animated chicken colouring Teal, Green, Yellow, Blue Feathers, House, Chicken Wire
Funky Fun Farm Animals - Chickens, Cows, Pigs, Sheep - Nutex
  • $24.95 per metre
Pohutakawa/Bottle Brush - Flora - Australia/New Zealand
  • $21.95 per metre
Bush Buddies - Koala - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre

Sold out

Moko - New Zealand Traditional Designs
  • $24.95 per metre
Jandals, Flip Flops on white background coloured in yellow, green, pink, blue, decorated with flowers, spots and buttons
Jandals - Black - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Koalas - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Animated bugs in colours of red blue orange purple yellow in rows on a black background of cotton fabric from Nutex
Bugs & Critters Allover - by Nutex
  • $21.95 per metre
Chickens Hens  black and white on a red background of cotton fabric animated style
Happy Hens - by Nutex
  • $24.95 per metre