Welcome Back

Trusting you had a safe festive season and now you are stitching to get back into Crafting

 Another whirlwind year for us, from fabricing our way around Australia, meeting fabulous people, clocking up 1000’s of km's in “Mildred" & yes our other car is “George”, seeing our glorious country, and coming home grateful.

Our Grandchildren are now aged 3, and 1, but wait there’s more..... number 3 is due anytime....., just browning off and it will be right along.

Woo-hoo. Born 2019, a beautiful, healthy boy.

The only things that have grown in our drought world has been square metres in our shop (I watered the day before a show, on returning  home we had a slab).

8 weeks later a skeleton, 12 weeks after that, we are still moving fabric, paper craft, handcraft and haberdashery into organised chaos.🤯 and absolutely loving it.   

 Stay Safe

See You Soon